We currently have four different categories we raise funds for to support Mivumoni Baptist in Madala Village.

Medical Clinic: For $200 a month we are able to hire a Tanzanian doctor to come to the village and provide care for mothers and their children once a month.

Food Sponsorship: While working at the preschool I had noticed that many of the children were unable to pay attention and would begin crying within an hour of being at school.  After talking with the teacher, I learned that many of the children in this school were not given breakfast.  Some may not even have had dinner.  $150 a month covers one meal a day for the preschool students for an entire month.

Garden Project:  We are looking for ways that this church can become more self sustainable.   Our goal is to help the church start a vegetable and fruit garden in which they would be able to sell for a profit to not only put back in the church and community, but also it would give a few people jobs at the garden.

General Support:  We are also looking for monthly donations to cover ongoing small projects, emergency needs, and continuing to support this church and community.  Every dollar matters and goes a long way in this community.