How do we get to Tanzania?

While each flight itinerary may vary, most participants fly Delta/KLM, which offers flights from MSP to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania via Amsterdam.

Often we can find flights at substantial reduced rates on flights leaving from Chicago Ohare.  Because of this we have members fly/drive  from MSP to ORD and then on to Dar es Salaam via Amsterdam.

Who books the flights?

Every group is different.  You have the option to book your own flight using points or your credit card.  If you would rather, we are happy to assist in booking flights.    If the main group is over 10 people, we can arrange group travel.  

What documentation do I need?

You will need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months past your return date from Tanzania.

To apply for or renew your passport follow the directions on this website.

You will need a visa to get into Tanzania.  You have the option of getting it prior to your departure from the U.S using this company.  We have used this company in the past, and they are wonderful to work with.  Please give yourself 4 weeks to allow plenty of time to receive your passport back.

There is an option to purchase a visa at the airport for $100 (bill must be $100 cash that is 2007 or newer)   To do this at the airport, you must be over the age of 18.

Will I need to get shots?

This link provides more than enough information – maybe even too much, but is a good starting point for new travelers.

It is best to talk with your local international travel clinic and do as they advise.  (They may ask you about getting the rabies shots – that is not needed where we are going. )

Please make sure you allow plenty of time as some of the shots require more than one does.

Do I need to take Malaria Prophylaxis?

We recommend to consult your travel clinic to get up to date information.  Tanzania is a malarial zone and there are options to reduce your risk of contracting malaria.  

Is it safe? 

One of the main reasons we continue to go back to Tanzania each summer is because of the kindness and grace of the people we work with.  In the last 9 years since beginning our trips to Tanzania we have felt safe, loved, and welcomed in this beautiful country.

With that being said, unfortunate things happen every where. We will take every safety precaution to ensure your safety and enjoyment of your Tanzanian experience.

Check out the U.S Embassy in Tanzania for more information. 

Is there medical care?

There is an international hospital in Dar es Salaam as well as a clinic.  The clinic that we used while living in Dar es Salaam was IST.  

How will we get around on the trip?

You will arrive in Dar es Salaam.  This is the business capital of Tanzania.  We will be there to pick you up at the airport in a small bus.  We will use this bus for all daily travel to and from in Dar es Salaam.  We will have a private driver the entire trip.

The roads in Dar es Salaam are mostly cement except for the road out out to the village.

While on safari we will be in a 4WD vehicle.  We will take a ferry boat to Zanzibar and have a hired vehicle while traveling around the island.

What will our accommodations be like?

We will be staying at a beautiful location in a cement home that has running water, showers, toilets, a small kitchen, and good security.

The compound will have guard dogs and watchmen throughout the day and night.  This is a normal practice in Tanzania.  We will keep our things locked up and it will be your own responsibility to make sure you do not bring valuables, and the valuables you do bring, that you keep put out of sight.

You will be sleeping on foam mattresses.  You will need to bring your own bedding and towels.  You will be sharing a room with more than one person.

Electricity outages and water shortages are frequent in this part of the world and should be expected.  Water should not be drunk from the taps.

We will buy filtered water so you do not need to worry about bringing your own water.

What will we eat?

There is a varity of food in Tanzania.  Because we are in the main city you can find quite a few American products although the cost will be very high.  

Because you are in a new culture and country, we think it’s important to try their main dishes and we will often be serving those for lunches and dinners.

The main items you will be eating are rice, beans, fruit, eggs, bread, and chapatti.  There are not a lot of snack options so it would be a good idea to bring your own snacks; granola bars, trail mix, and sweets you enjoy.

What will the climate be like?

The weather in Dar es Salaam is very hot, humid, and sunny.  We will be traveling in their “Winter” time so the weather should be great.  There may be rain, but it is usually hard and short.  The weather on the safari will be a bit cooler so a long sleeve and pants would be good to bring for morning and evening safaris.

What language do they speak?

While we are in the business city where many people do speak English, The main language in Tanzania is kiswahili.  All of the children in Madala will only speak kiswahili.  It would be helpful to learn some basic swahili words here.