Kids Club

This was our very first time out at William’s Village.  He invited us out to meet his students and see him tutor the students that waited for him each day.  We were inspired by his dedication and love for the children.  At the end of the day he asked us if we would want to come back and tutor.  After teaching all day, this is something we both were not that excited about.  I did mention to him that I could come back on Saturday with some soccer balls.

The first Saturday we had about 20 children show up for our soccer clinic.  The second week we had 50.  And by the fourth week we had already outgrown our space with over 100 children coming to play.  We could no longer play soccer so we began bringing crayons, bubbles, balloons, and anything we could find to keep all the children entertained.

Around the same time we were unsure of what we were going to do next as we had so many children, we were blessed with a donation to purchase land for our Saturday kids club.

A few weeks later we had the perfect piece of land bought and we all worked together to get it cleared off so we could play.


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